Carpet Cleaning

Interior Carpet Cleaning- is one of the more important aspects of interior detailing. In addition to the seats and carpets, runners sustain the most wear. High volume traffic areas eventually become embedded with grime and particles, which over the course of time break down the fibers, causing fraying and shedding. Eventually the carpet will need to be replaced, which in most cases is not cost effective. Aesthetically, a beautiful and clean smelling carpet will enhance the cabin’s appearance and overall comfort of the client.

As part of the scheduled maintenance of the aircraft, the carpet needs to be inspected for stains, grime, dirt, food or spills. Eliminating and reducing the amount of day-to-day grime captured in the carpet, extends the life of the fibers. The process we use is a combination of steaming and shampooing involving specialized carpet cleaning equipment. Our trained technicians follow specific guidelines which ensure the carpet is never inundated with excess fluids or chemicals. This helps the carpet dry faster and more completely, allowing the aircraft to resume service as soon as possible. All carpets are treated with special products which help reduce staining and grime absorption