Galleys, Latrines and Woodwork are the most challenging areas of interior detailing. Some of the world’s most skilled individuals have crafted masterpieces displayed in these areas. The fixtures, plating, mirror, storage, trim and woodwork are proudly displayed in an elegant and refined fashion. However, as with any top-grade product, specialized care is needed on a regular basis. Technicians should be trained in the use of diverse chemical compositions used in various areas of an aircraft.

There is no single magic formula for total interior detailing. Only a unique combination of cleaning products, formulated to address each and every part of the aircraft, will make a visible difference in the detailing process. Maintenance programs and detailing schedules add life to the interior of your aircraft. At Wisetouch, our willingness to go "above and beyond" in our processes is increasing our positive client testimonials and current list of in-service aircraft.