Aircraft Waxing

Aircraft Waxing at Wisetouch is an art form. Each aircraft is meticulously inspected for areas needing coverage prior to the waxing process, while shielding other areas such as passenger windows and windshield. Ideally, an aircraft should maintain a solid waxing at all times. This protects the paint and coatings, increases the life of the finish, removes areas of oxidation and adds UV protection.

Waxing alone doesn’t create the fine sheen of the aircraft. A combination of skilled polishing and proper polishing tools used to remove grit and grime is also required. Performed on a regular basis, your aircraft will maintain its original shine and luster. Aircraft are highly exposed and vulnerable to the elements: wind, ice, water, hail, loose tarmac material, grease, grime, bugs, damage during the loading/unloading process, and hundreds of other variables, can add dings and dents to the surface. Waxing adds a barrier to the coating and minimizes damage using specialized equipment such as those used by the industry trained technicians here at Wisetouch.