Brightwork is the exterior polishing of chrome, stainless steel and/or different grades of aluminum on an aircraft. The key to being cost effective is a brightwork routine; a regularly scheduled detailing maintenance program. Regular maintenance is exceedingly less costly then repairing or replacing parts. The brightwork is performed on leading edges, cones, nose and exposed metal parts.

The products used to achieve a beautiful and healthy finish are superior, including our personal line of patent-pending products. These products and processes generate excellent results for our clients. The key to properly polishing an aircraft consists of the technique and understanding of what is being polished, its current state, and the material composition. A skilled technician requires a thorough understanding of the compounds and polishing equipment used, in order to maximize their performance on the aircraft exterior.

The grinding process of our service is completed with state-of-the-art industry equipment and sanding products. Meticulous care is used to polish the aircraft without removing excess material. This leaves the polished surface free of scratches, small pits and corrosion, adding extended life to the part.