Exterior Washing

Complete Exterior Washing at Wisetouch, we use state-of-the-art equipment in our exterior detailing. Two processes used in the exterior detailing of an aircraft are Wet-Washing and Dry-Washing. Both processes require attention to detail and a specific understanding of the particular aircraft’s requirements.

It is imperative during the wet-wash process to protect openings from direct moisture infiltration. This is accomplished by avoiding spraying water directly into static boards and tube openings. The keys to a proper wet-wash are: pre-cleaning setup and soft cleaning products. Applied and soaked onto areas of grime attachments such as grease, oil spots and other foreign attachments, they reduce the potential of surface scratching and prevent damage to the polish during the washing process. The aircraft is then washed with specialized equipment using controlled water levels. Drying is done by hand using non-abrasive products, adding luster to the aircraft and protecting the exterior.

Dry-wash cleaning is an alternative, waterless method of cleaning an aircraft’s exterior. It is a mini safeguarding system used between regular maintenance schedules, but not designed to act as a permanent substitution to the wet-wash. The products used in this process offer UV protection and polish protection, preventing foreign bodies from accumulating on the aircraft exterior. The products used in the polishing process restore the luster of the original coating on the aircraft, while the entire process is manually performed by highly trained technicians.