Refurbishment is the process of maintaining or repairing an item, either aesthetically or mechanically. At Wisetouch, we understand these expenses to the operator or owner. Our facilities are designed to support all aspects of the refurbishment process, with cost effective quality services. Our on-site upholstery shop consists of a large staff of highly trained pattern makers, designers, upholsterers, seamstresses, foam makers and builders.

We support entire seat build-up, including the ordering of materials and creating patterns pleasing to the cabin’s interior. We can technically modify and/or support repair on mechanical seats while offering free inspections on all completed programs. Other services include the removal and installing of carpets and runners, while our cabinetry and wood-modification work includes refinishes and touch-ups, including cockpits and soft upholstery. We can support all area’s of the executive interior.

We also accommodate specialized customer requests such as flammability testing and decorative plating repair.