VIP Upholstery Seats & Divans

Here at Wisetouch Interiors, every seating product is finely hand-crafted to bring luxury and personalized touch to your airplane.

Renderings are made available to you. From the color of the leather to the type of plating you desire, our craftsmen bring life to your vision.

Our seating and divans components are not only elaborate in design, but also has the same feel as being right at home. [Read more...]

We are a Part 145 Repair Station.

Leather Restoration

Wisetouch Interiors takes care of your leather restoration (Touch up Dye), adding longevity and a masterful appearance. Our processes include the restoration and treatment of leather and suede from damaged, stains, scratches and discolored areas. [Read more...]

We are a Part 145 Repair Station.

Woodwork / Cabinetry

From cabinets to tables, these pieces complement the rest of the interior of the airplane giving the feel of harmony. We create cabinets and tables that aligns with your taste.

You can have the same style or give a new look, no matter what the option, there are different styles that incorporate what you are looking for. [Read more...]

We are a Part 145 Repair Station.