Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration requires extremely skilled technicians. Julio D. Somarriba, President of Wisetouch Interiors, has mastered the art of upholstery and leather restoration. Certified from the Townsend "Leather Institute Technical Center", Julio has mastered the trade of aircraft interior care. He is also personally committed to the education and training of all technicians. Strict processes and procedures have developed a company-wide philosophy of accepting nothing less then perfection.

Our process includes the restoration and treatment of leather, suede or fabric from damage, stains, scratches and discolored or marked areas. Damage to the seats can occur from the use of incorrect cleaning products or basic wear and tear, which includes rips, scratches and armrest damage attributed to clothing friction on the seat areas. These are treated with specialized products, restoring the areas to their original luster. A full restoration of interior seating is performed which surpasses industry standards. Panels and bulkheads are also meticulously treated with the same specialized care as we use top-grade products to support our restoration and soft touch process.