Refurbished Interiors

At Wisetouch we specialize in executive interior detailing. We believe in enhancing the natural beauty of the interior by using the best methods, products and processes in our detailing service. Our skilled technicians approach these services with the same dedication and diligence used when steaming and shampooing a carpet or moisturizing leather seats and panels. Our range of talents includes cleaning mirrored surfaces, detailing hardware, cleaning the latrines or galleys, and polishing wood trim and applications. [Read more...]

Interior and Exterior Detaling Services

Exterior Detailing requires that trained technicians follow a set process insuring each and every aircraft is serviced correctly. We believe that the right products, equipment and methods greatly decrease the risk of a job being done incorrectly. The term ‘detailing’ extends itself beyond the washing of the aircraft. Exteriors require polishing to remove scratches and blemishes, degreasing, brightwork and landing gear treatment: among many of the services offered at Wisetouch. [Read more...]

VVIP Upholstery

Fabrication comprises or overlaps with various interior specialties. Our technicians here at Wisetouch are widely experienced and knowledgeable in areas ranging from composites to quality hardwoods. Our range of service permits the customer to eliminate several shops while allowing Wisetouch to act as program managers. This saves the client time and money by reducing the downtime needed to complete the aircraft. . [Read more...]